With my friends from Montreal as Reimu and Marisa. :3

Got up early in the morning to rush pack then head over right away to Touhou panel. (12 at Sheraton) Which was a pain because the hotel that I was staying in located so far from Sheraton. >< And I learned from previous year that the panel gets packed really fast so I tried to go there super early~ There was already a lot of people waiting for the panel when I arrived!


Touhouvania Reimu, PC98 ver and … normal one? 8D;

  My net was quite unstable these days and last time I tried to updated this post– there was also blackout FFFFF. So I couldn’t really touch it until now. >_<; But yeah here’s the last part anyway. Took slightly more pictures rather than friday and saturday.


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Our cosplays on saturday, the Siesta corp from Umineko. >w<b

Sat morning~ Trimming  stray hair

Our saturday pictures mostly consists of Cosplay Chess (My friends were the staffs for it so I decided to tag along)  and When They Cry photoshoot. So it wasn’t like previous year where we went picture taking frenzy outside lol. @_@; But enjoy anyway whoever still wants to check out our silliness. :3

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Our cosplays on Friday. Koishi, Satori and Hatate from Touhou Project

Sorry for the late blog guys. I think I was feeling pretty dead and sore for the last few days and on monday I was just in full coma. 😡 Though I must warn you we didn’t take many pictures this year because our schedule is actually packed for once instead of just walking around trying to find interesting stuff to do heh.

Friday morning, my group preparing for cosplays (Suzie also brought sewing machine to the hotel room, just incase)

Anyways, enjoy the pictures!

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 MTAC  — Er, well. It’s now called Toronto Comiccon 2012 since I think they decided to merge the anime and comic section together. >_> Well, I’ve never been to the previous MTAC so I can’t really compare to now. My expectation before going was like “Oh, it’s like mini-Fan Expo“.

Aaaand aaaayup it definitely IS a smaller Fan Expo. So after the ~DTAC incident~, we only decided to go one day to see how it looks like ( and hopefully improved ) and to meet up with some good friends. (: A bit disappointed with the lack of cosplays, and feels like it’s entirely different crowd- but enjoy!

Most pictures were taken by Hanzo and part of it are from Nayukim.

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DTAC 2011

Wow, been a while since I’ve updated. :p I should post pictures from the previous meet-ups too whenever I’m not lazy.

Nothing much to say here but this was actually Hanzo’s and my first DTAC. (And of course ,we were late! We arrived around 3PM) We’ve had a few complaints about it, but I’ll leave the short ranting at the end of this post. :3

Enjoy the pictures that we took for now!

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FanExpo 2011 – Day 4

My feet died.

I didn’t go.


Though I might steal some pictures from my friends to fill up this space here or something, we’ll see

FanExpo 2011 – Day 3

AnoHana cosplayers, hnnnnngh ❤

At first we weren’t actually planning to rewear Siestas for saturday since there was a Touhou photoshoot planned that day– which we planned to go but~~

.. I guess we had too much fun going as killer bunnies ;p and we also found out that the photoshoot started around 11:30AM or something. By the time we finished preparing our cosplays and head to the con, it was 2pm already.

A biiit small sized but oh well, it was our first try

Well, at least we didn’t forget anything this time, so complete details here we go~

Enjoy the saturday pictures!

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